Next up: Bridle Trails Score-O

Next up in the Ultimate Orienteer Series is a score-o at Bridle Trails State Park in Kirkland. It’s you against the clock as you collect as many points as possible within your chosen time limit. You choose the controls you visit based on their point value. Speed through the park in 60 minutes or set a more leisurely pace and take 90 minutes. This is a head-to-head competition: everyone starts at the same time! Online pre-registration is open until 9pm on […]


Defend the Pig!

This year’s Pig War Challenge (and Western Canadian O’ Champs) event is coming up July 7 and 8 in Vancouver BC. Cascade is the defending champion and WE NEED YOUR HELP to keep this lovely trophy (created by Sherri Brady) in the US. This year’s event will have 3 parts: sprint and middle courses on Saturday and a long course on Sunday. That’s 3 events in one weekend! The middle and long courses will be on a new map just north of Vancouver, […]


Volunteers needed for Fishtrap this weekend

First, many thanks to those of you who have already volunteered to help out at this weekend’s 2-day event at Fishtrap Lake. We still need volunteers in several key positions, though, so if you haven’t signed up, please consider  spending an hour or so to help make this event run smoothly.  You’ll also receive volunteer points (which you can use towards meet entry and some o’ gear). We particularly need help with: Saturday: start and registration (all shifts) Sunday: start (2nd […]

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