WIOL#7 – 2022 – Pt. Defiance Training Opportunities

WIOL#7 Offered Training Package

Race Prep

Preview previous South Seattle College Races on COC’s RouteGadget

2017 WIOL Race

2020 WIOL Race

Play the video game Running Wild

Each of these links will take you to a computer simulation video game.  The simple object is to click on the screen the route you would take to get to each checkpoint.  However, if used as a visualization and route tool, you will see it can be much more useful.  I challenge you to consider this as you do each of these levels.  Do not click just to get it over with quickly, but rather ensure that each thing you click on is a fundamental stepping stone you want to see on or near your path.  Don’t be so focused on shortest path either.  Get the most out of your training.  Do it twice:  once with urgency and once with specificity.  Then compare!  Password for each course is COC

Beginner Course

Intermediate Course

Advanced Course

Pt. Defiance Thoughts

  1.  There are many parallel trails and opportunity to make a big mistake.  Use confirmation tools to make sure you are on the correct trail when using the trails
  2. Jumping off the trail will be necessary to find checkpoints on all courses except beginner.  There are so many similar features mapped, that jumping off the trail and wandering around is likely to happen unless you use a strategy of using KNOWN and VERIFIABLE stepping stones.  Jumping off the trail at a random spot looking for one rootstock among many is a sure ticket to lostville.
  3. The trails are your friend.  count intersections and work ahead.  Social trails can be fooling, so if big trails or roads are available, use them:).

Post-Race:  Analysis

Join ABOUT THE ROUTE.  A social event for COC members and runners meant to discuss and learn from each other.  Often the course designer will join in and folks can discuss all of the things that went wrong!