The purpose of the drills in this section is to provide more time reading a map while running as well as skill isolation to allow greater focus.  Each link provides access to a document that explains the location, purpose and execution of the drill.  Use them as you see fit, free of charge.  Simply ensure you have permission to use whatever property the drill is located on prior to execution.  Cascade OC makes no claims as to your right to use the location and you are solely responsible for your safety and right to be there.

Current Usynlig-O Courses

Training Courses (Flagged with Pin Flags for the training season)

  • Currently no flags are in the forest for the winter.  Expect pin flags or streamers to be placed in the Teanaway forest in spring and courses to be made available in links below.

Reading and Running Drills (R+R)

Infield Drills

Compass Courses


Agility Training