ATC (Advanced Training Camp)


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May 26-29th, CascadeOC (in partnership with Tahoma O.C.), will be holding a training camp aimed at developing orienteers that have a desire to improve their skillset.  The training camp will take place in Teanaway Forest.  Due to limited spots, this is aimed at up and coming orienteers who are serious about improving their skills and consider orienteering a “first sport”.

There will be 3 levels of training available:  Level 2, 3, and 4 (elite).  Please read the bulletin and see if this training camp is something you or your junior orienteer would enjoy and benefit from.  This is primarily a social event with orienteering as the activity.  Families are welcome and do not count against our athlete count unless they intend on training with us.  In the event of young athletes, it is highly recommended you do train with your kid.  It is a great way to share some adventure, and a great way to ensure their safety is in your hands, not a strangers.


All registration closes after we reach or limit of 48 athletes or by May 15th…whatever comes first.  We can only host 48 athletes due to permit constraints.

Mar 1-May 15:  Registration open to Level 4 athletes.  Aimed at prospective Team USA juniors and above.  The focus will be competition and advanced orienteering challenges.  This person should already have been racing at varsity or higher on national races and performing well.

March 27-May 15:  Registration open for Level 3 athletes.  Aimed at those transitioning from Orange to Brown/Green.  Should already have some off trail experience but could benefit from having the opportunity to do some methodical training to focus on key areas.  Perhaps you do not have the speed yet to train with level 4 athletes, but you still want to focus on the advanced isolation skills in a slower paced environment.

April 10-May 15:  Registration open for Level 2 athletes.  Aimed at experienced middle schoolers or equivalent skillset with ability to focus and follow instructions.  Capable of self-discipline and taking criticism/feedback.  Ideally joined by parent or mature enough to deal with off trail navigation unsupervised, likely leading to getting significantly lost at some point.  This person is looking to go from Yellow to Orange (Level 2 to Level 3).

To register, email at the appropriate time with the appropriate info (See the bulletin).

About the camp:

Expect no-frills camping at the Teanaway campground.  It is free, it is fun, but there are not any real amenities except pit-toilets.  You will need to bring your own stuff to last all weekend or take shuttle trips to Cle Elm.  We will have activities going on all the time, so camping is really the only option if you want to participate.  More details in the bulletin.



Here is a link to the bulletin 1.  Updates will be posted here if available.  In it you will find more details about the camp to help you decide if it is for you.