2021 Winter Virtual Series Finale – Lord Hill Park

March 13, 2021 - Event Page

Meet Director: Ing Uhlin
Course Designer: Dave Tallent
Marker placement: John Brady, Chris Cooper, Debbie Newell, Dave Tallent, Ing Uhlin
Check-in: Eric Bone, Ardis Dull, Will Enger, Ingrid Salmon
Map handout: Cora Buchholz, Sunshine Rupe
COVID Monitor: Brett Buchholz
Epunch: Debbie Newell
Control Pickup: Bruce Christopherson, Anique Johnson, Keely Kinsman, Alex Wirta

Thank you to all volunteers for helping make this event a success!

Beginner Female

Pos. Name Club Time
1 Emily Ledina COC 61:22
Ingrid Salmon COC msp


Beginner Male

Pos. Name Club Time
1 Sullivan Rupe Tahoma 19:40
2 Tucker Rupe Tahoma 43:55
3 Mikel Ledins COC 50:42


Intermediate Female

Pos. Name Club Time
1 Eva Odderson COC 77:02
2 Ardis Dull COC 91:34
3 Cassandra Smith COC 121:30
Shaelyn Luzik_Group COC msp
Avya Mandala None msp


Intermediate Group

Pos. Name Club Time
1 Tom Clymer_Group COC 89:44
2 Michelle Kastner_Group COC 101:52
3 Sam Altenberger_Group Cascade 101:58


Intermediate Male

Pos. Name Club Time
1 Bryce Winters Tahoma 59:21
2 Rolf Kuestner COC 76:08
Peng Li None dnf


Short Adv Female

Pos. Name Club Time
1 Sherri Brady COC 85:38
2 Alana Baxter COC 88:38
3 Liana Lagervik None 98:24
4 Sue Kuestner COC 104:52
5 Aubree Winters Tahoma 109:44
6 Anna Kulikova COC 129:46
7 Nataliya Slyusarchuk COC 142:17
Eileen Breseman COC msp
Akilah Austin COC dnf
Audrey Smith COC dnf


Short Adv Group

Pos. Name Club Time
1 Kathy Forgrave_Group COC 131:45


Short Adv Male

Pos. Name Club Time
1 Ben Cooper COC 62:59
2 Peter Golde COC 63:32
3 Jackson Rupe Tahoma 67:17
4 Christophe Delepine COC 68:56
5 Andrew Schwans COC 72:22
6 Jack Barkley COC 88:20
7 Tom Clymer None 102:58


Long Adv Female

Pos. Name Club Time
1 Nina Potrebich COC 89:35
2 Jessica Colleran COC 93:26
3 Anique Johnson COC 119:39
4 Keely Kinsman COC 119:40
5 Zoe Sibthorp Cascade 133:39
Olga Illarionova None dnf


Long Adv Group

Pos. Name Club Time
1 Cora Buchholz_Group COC 109:30
2 Ben Brumback_Group COC 121:57


Long Adv Male

Pos. Name Club Time
1 Peteris Ledins FRR 48:55
2 Eric Bone COC 49:24
3 Will Enger COC 52:35
4 Laszlo Kolyvek COC 73:18
5 Alex Wirta COC 74:49
6 Matt Baughman COC 78:20
7 Rick Breseman COC 84:00
8 Andrew Mason COC 84:36
8 Bruce Christopherson COC 84:36
10 Joshua Colleran COC 86:45
11 Brian Gruber COC 92:13
12 Ryan Breseman COC 109:16
13 Mike Rothmeyer COC 110:15
14 Brian Crawford COC 112:46
15 Mark Cliggett COC 120:48
16 Dmitry Chernov COC 125:22
Nikolay Nachev COC msp
Oleg Slyusarchuk COC msp


Result Status Codes

msp: missing punch
a control was skipped or taken out of order
dnf: did not finish
a control or set of controls at the end of the course were skipped
nc: not competing
the competitor is not eligible for standings, such as when running a second course
dq: disqualified
breaking competition rules, such as conferring with another competitor or entering an out of bounds area
ovt: overtime
returning after the course closure time
dns: did not start
the competitor did not start
the star indicates course completion status was not reported and may be valid, msp, or dnf