Join us for the next COC event: Wednesday Evening Series at Shoreline College

The second event in the 2024 Wednesday Evening Series will be held at Shoreline CC and Boeing Creek Park on July 10. The course designer team consists of Finlay Rebbeck and Chloe Harford. Finlay is an avid and accomplished junior orienteer. See more info about this event on the event page.

The Wednesday Evening Series is our most relaxed and casual set of navigation events, held in local parks over the summer months. These events are a little more low-key than those in the Winter League, and we typically offer a barbeque afterward for all participants.

Events in the Wednesday Evening Series are generally less challenging (both physically and navigationally) than many of our other events so they are great for beginners and those less experienced with orienteering – while also offering a challenge to longtime participants of the sport.

The parking will be at the lot on the north corner of campus, near the running track. We will be offering day-of event registration in addition to preregistration. There will be no start time pre-signup.