Registration closing TONIGHT Thursday for Choose Your Adventure #2 – Corn Maze!

The registration is open here and the event page is posted for the next event in the Choose Your Adventure series – Corn Maze! The Choose Your Adventure series is designed to be extra fun, social, and friendly for beginners, yet interesting for seasoned veterans. At Choose Your Adventure events, everyone gets the same map with checkpoints marked all over it. There will be a mass start and a map exchange. Each map will have 12 controls. You find as many checkpoints as you want, in whichever order you want. Just be sure to mind the time, since there’s also a time limit. Return to the finish on-time, or lose precious points for every minute you’re late. Choose Your Adventure is especially good for beginners, since if you can’t find a checkpoint, you can just skip it and keep going. Veterans are challenged by trying to identify the most efficient route to find all the checkpoints, and the mass start means head-to-head racing for some. Bring a compass, pen, and watch and come join the fun!