Did you miss the Night-O?

The courses are now posted on UsynligO so you can try out the fun and challenging courses designed by Keely Kinsman and Anique Johnson. Did you miss the Night-O and want to run a course? Did you run at Night-O but got lost and want to try again? Or just try a harder course? Do you want to do a course but prefer to orienteer in daylight and actually see where you are going? Go to UsynligO.no (https://usynligo.no/) and scroll into Hamlin Park. Look for the event “2022 Ultimate Orienteer #1 Night O Hamlin Park 3/12/2022”.

Never heard of UsynligO? Check out the instructions at https://cascadeoc.org/how-to-use-usynligo/. There is also good info here (https://cascadeoc.org/2021-winter-virtual-series/).