Please check event pages for the latest guidance. Procedures are subject to change based on new regulations or requests from our land management partners.

Registration, Starts, and Participation Limits:

  • Unless stated otherwise, all events are open for pre-registration ONLY – there will not be day-of-meet registration.
  • Pre-registration may close earlier than normal in order to allow time for generating and communicating start times to participants.
  • Most events will have pre-assigned start times for all participants.
  • Most events have a participation limit dictated by the land manger’s assessment of current regulations for large gatherings.

COVID-19 Form for Contact Tracing and COVID-19 Symptom Assessment/Monitoring

  • Every meet, participants, volunteers, and shadows must fill out and sign a document that they:
    • have read and agree to abide by the COVID-19 measures
    • agree to provide accurate contact information in case contact tracing is required
    • do not have COVID-19 symptoms and have not been in contact with anyone who is quarantining or has a confirmed case of COVID-19.
  • The document will be emailed to all participants and volunteers within 36 hours before the start of an event.
  • The document must be filled out for each participant, volunteer, and shadow individually and for each meet.
  • The deadline for submitting this form is the Friday night before the meet at 7pm.


  • All coaches, parents, spectators, and volunteers will be required to wear a mask at all times.
  • Participants need to wear a mask until after they punch start and then again after they punch finish, before approaching download.
  • Participants are asked to pull up their mask if they are passing closely with another person on the course or at a control.
  • If a venue requires mask wearing by runners at all times, we will adjust to that in order to get the permit. This will be made known on the event page.
  • Wearing a mask means your nose and mouth and chin are covered.
  • Masks cannot have a “vent” and cannot be a tied bandana and cannot be a one-ply buff


  • All day-of-event volunteers are required to show proof of vaccination to volunteer.
  • Vaccines are strongly encouraged but participants are not required to show proof of vaccination to orienteer in an event. This may change if the venue requires all participants to be vaccinated.
  • If current rules/mandates stand, everyone attending the indoor awards ceremony(s) on Feb 19 and 20 will be required to show proof of vaccination to enter the venue.

Limited Spectators:

  • Parents and participant’s siblings will be allowed to spectate but may not congregate in groups outside of immediate family and must retain 6’ of distancing and wear appropriate masks at all times. We are asking that extended family and friends do not spectate this year to keep our onsite numbers down.
  • If any venue dictates we rescind the spectator allowance we will.
  • If spacing and group congregating rules cannot be followed, we may be forced to rescind the privilege.