We’re trying something new and offering free online course review in a series of Zoom events that we’re calling the About The Route. 

Join hosts Will Enger & Patrick Nuss at 8pm on the Sundays following Winter League orienteering events. Together, we’ll talk about the race courses and interesting route choices. What worked well? What didn’t? How can we learn and improve for next time? Bring your questions, tell us about your races, and hopefully you’ll learn a few tricks to become better orienteers!

These are open to all ages and courses, both public and school league.

You will have the opportunity to bring up discussion topics and questions during the chat, but if you’d like to submit a specific question or topic ahead of time, please email to: adventure@cascadeoc.org

Upcoming Dates
11/21, 8pm-9pm, discussing the event at North Seatac Park. Register here.
12/05, 8pm-9pm, discussing the event at Green River College. Register here.
12/19, 8pm-9pm, discussing the event at the University of Washington. Register here.

Past Dates
11/07, 8pm-9pm, discussing the event at Magnuson Park. We had about 20-25 people attend, including participants from all 8 courses, and first-timers through seasoned veterans. Based on questions from chat participants, we discussed the following routes: #4-5-6 and #10-11 on Short Advanced, #2-3 on High School Varsity, #6-7-8 on High School JV Male. And we discussed the following skills: attackpoints, backstop features, reading ahead, aiming off, and choosing routes based on simplification and running surfaces.